It’s A Beautiful Day

It is the first day of June, the sun is shining, it is warm…. it’s a beautiful day!

An intriguing idea, in the stream of autodidact-ism.

OverMatter: The 30 Book MBA in Entrepreneurship

“The 30 Book MBA in Entrepreneurship

As inspired by Seth’s Blog: Part of the 30?, a modest suggestion of 30 books to get you pointed in the right direction for an MBA in Entrepreneurship”

I am largely an autodidact. I love that word! Being one, however, it does have its drawbacks, probably due to blindspots one always has… and due to limitations that come with the territory of being dependent upon ones own resources.

Yet, in a way, all of us have a need to teach ourselves and be open to learning throughout life. It is one of the great joys, if nothing else.

In this train of thought I have to say that libraries are one of the really wonderful things about America. We have a plethora of libraries staffed with some of the most efficient and helpful groups of people you are likely to find in a single sector.

Anyone can educate themselves here because of these resources, and homeschooling has been quite dependent on the materials from the public libraries.

The key to this is, often, collating the materials.

…but now there are materials that do that for you, as well. All we need is more hours in the day and we are set:)

I was reading someones ’10 things I’ve never done’, and I just realized something. I have never gone on a weight loss diet. Really, never- although I am perilously close to changing that.