Jerusalem Preview?

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The Popular Resistance Committees, an alliance of various armed militias in the Gaza Strip, announced on Sunday that it would start operating in the West Bank immediately after the Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip.

“We will move our cells to the West Bank,” said Jamal Abu Samhadaneh, commander of the Popular Resistance Committees, which has been behind many of the attacks on IDF soldiers and settlers in the Gaza Strip over the past four and a half years.

“We won’t sit on the side and watch Israel as it perpetrates massacres in the West Bank. We will start operating there, too.”

He said that after the Israeli pullout, his group would employ the same “fighting tactics” used in the Gaza Strip in the West Bank. “We will focus on the West Bank,” he said. “We will transfer all our fighting methods and capabilities to the West Bank. The withdrawal will not be complete without the West Bank and Jerusalem, which is even more precious to us than the West Bank.”