Just A Thought

Maybe you don’t like the me on truegrit. Maybe I am too seriously didactic and long-winded. That is OK. I purposely save this blog for just such… emanations and convoluted verbiage.

You may like my Spiced Tea blog better. That is the more playful side of me with softer edges. I get to emotionally hang out in that blog, something I sharply circumscribe here. Why two venues for one me? ( Actually there are three or more venues). Because. Two reasons: one is thoughtfulness for you the reader ( and I mean that in the singular), you come here with your mood to have a particular tone and I oblige you. You didn’t come here to be hit with my PMS or my sloppy waxing prose, did you? You came here to think a bit or get something to argue against, or with.

Spiced Tea will give you something else, sometimes prettier and sometimes sillier…lots of times more relaxed. Someday I will get creative with the design. Or might not… it is blogger generic at this time and I am happy with that. Go see if you like me better there.

Of course, if you don’t care for me at all…. then never mind- be off with you, there are lots of bloggers in the blogsphere. I have fabulous links …follow them serendiptiously 🙂