Justice Sunday

Check out the evangelical outpost blogging on this Justice Sunday convention in Nashville.

“Justice Sunday II
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6:35pm — “Let justice roll down…”, Chuck Colson says, quoting the book of Amos.”……


6:05pm — Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, opens the ceremony, repeating a great line he used earlier in the press conference: “We do not claim the right to speak for every American. But we do claim the right to speak.”


….. I think we will hear lots from evangelicals in the coming year, and this is certainly one way to get a heads up on where the movement is going.
Am I discerning an ameliorating of the rhetoric? Not sure, perhaps a solidifying and rendering answers for some of the dismissive criticisms.

Whatever comes from the voices of the speakers and the bloggers covering the scene, evangelical outpost is a good place to start.

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  1. Well, Chuck, that was one really politically liberal diatribe you wrote there…. and I’m just asking, does the United Church of Christ even believe in Jesus Christ anymore?

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