kalam fadi?

Think you are a liberal person? Think that you advocate freedom and tolerance for all peoples? If so, where do you stand on this proposed segregation?

It comes via Ocean Guy.

Remember 911?

I came across this personal remembrance of 911 of the impact of 911, and I started to think about where I was. I was online and participating in the intp list…where ones emails are are almost realtime. I remember the interactions of the posters… some extremely crass, and one -in particular- who was in an office building in sight distance of the falling towers. He was terrified for his wife who worked in one of them…but had gotten off late that morning. I don’t remember if she was OK. What I remember was his total vulnerability at that moment, and how it took awhile for the reality to sink into some of the list participants of the scale and tragedy of what had happened.

That is where I was. And I, and many, went very quiet and contemplative for awhile after that.

So. Where are we now?