Katrina-Can’t Look Away

update:There is some activity of recognition on the worldfront. The Muslims are rejoicing as usual, but I don’t pay that no never mind. Like King David of long ago, I know that the rejoicing of one’s enemies durings ones tragedies is simply a place for more merciful attention from God in the time of need.

God has pity for those in affliction, can we have less? There will be many opportunities to give to the needs that this devastation has created.

Right now prayers and ready hearts, soon, open wallets and helping hands. We will shame those looters, and we will shame those smug critics and the macabre schadenfreude. I’m convinced of it.


Katrina is one terrible trial. It is proving the mettle of the American spirit.

The stories concerning the geography, etc. talk about the inevitability of this possibility and the gambler’s risks of living in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast. Maxed out Mama explains much of the geological situation of the city, itself, and how the levee scenario could play out.

There are other stories, the ones you don’t think much about when you live somewhere else, such as the entrenched poverty that Dingo alluded to.