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Keep your eye on this type of political thinking. Just because it has taken place in Canada does not discount the fact that is roiling around in the innards of our own system, also. Never say to yourself “It can’t happen here”. The price of keeping freedom is vigilance; never moreso than in this type of situation.

CIVITATENSIS � Ontario Sharia Tribunals Will Not Be

Ontario Sharia Tribunals Will Not Be
Posted by kaqchikel on 11 September 2005

Ontario’s Premier has announced that the idea of establishing religious Sharia tribunals to deal with Muslim family disputes in Ontario will not come to be. In the process, all religious tribunals will be dismantled.

……Unable to admit that Judeo-Christian arbitration was accepted and worked because the background to our legal system is Jude0-Christian in origin, McGuinty simply veers completely in the other direction, looking to outlaw all religious arbitration. The move shows that liberal tolerance is baseless and aimless, and it typically fails to recognise that one cannot tolerate all things. And what is more, the contemporary liberal theory of tolerance seems less and less able to demonstrate why some things ought to be tolerated and others not. Such stand would require a defined set of beliefs other than liberal ideology, and alas, McGuinty cannot provide it. Instead, it is simply convenient to outlaw all religious tribunals. But such convenience amounts to an intolerant position toward religion.

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