Keep That Blogroll Rolling, Rawhide!

Martha Martha has a quite strikingly beautiful blog design. And to get my mind off the fact that I managed to lose my drivers license (which makes me so angry with myself) I have decided it is time to entertain myself with this meme.


(1) how important do you find it to be on someone’s “blogroll”?

Quite important, actually. I read all sorts of meaning into it, but mainly the fact that this is the only way I know of growing readership in a blog with any real consistancy. And I write to be read. When I care about the creative process for itself, I prefer graphics.

(2) do you scan blogrolls to see if you are listed?

Of course I do. I use technorati and NZ Bear’s system, too. I care. I am crass that way.

(3) do you list the person who listed you, simply because they’ve taken note of your blog?

I’m divided on that. Normally I have to think they have value to link. That is part of providing something useful on your blog. Being utilitarian I like that aspect of the blogroll.

(4) do you list people whose blogs you enjoy and actually visit, or is it a status thing?

I am a contrarian in the status matter, if a big guy is on my blogroll it is because I got tired of finding another way to read the blog ( by way of others blogrolls which I use very often. I use my blogroll for convenience as a set of bookmarks, mostly. I have the bad habit of switching out things if my taste changes.

(5) do you find yourself feeling uncomfortable if you have been taken off of a person’s blogroll?

Only slightly… I figure many people are as I am, and aren’t using the punish/reward system, but just changing around how they surf or what they want to showcase. Of course I am disappointed when others don’t seem to have much interest in my blog or lose it.
I think I am more uncomfortable if someone I interact with for awhile feels I’m not worth linking. Sometimes I’ll feel my efforts are little worth, for a time anyway… but then my purpose of doing something that I consider useful and meaningful kicks in. My self-worth is not wrapped up in this blog, but much of my intellectual pleasure is, I think. I have an inordinate love of those who like to discuss and analyze as much as I do… and blogdom provides that.

(6) does this even factor into what you write or any part of your day?

It does in the sense that I find that I am often motivated and influenced by the people and the news that I am considering. It sparks me, babe, and that influences what appears on the blog. I also do censor myself for readers. My desire is communication, mainly. I think I am beyond the age of finding good in issuing fiats or pontificating overmuch. And if you dispute that… I suppose it is all a matter of relativity- since what I used to do was far more intense. Actually, I probably would have been a more popular blogger if I were now what I was then…. seeing how people respond to that. I would have belonged to the b-word lists. Or not. Who knows, really?

I suppose I might end up being sorry for being honest and so very uncool, but today I am totally mellow.

3 thoughts on “Keep That Blogroll Rolling, Rawhide!”

  1. Wow. I thought I was the only one being honest in answering that one. 🙂 I like your answers.

    I saw so many people answering that they didn’t care about who blogrolled them and that it didn’t make any difference.

    As I pointed out in Martha Martha’s comment section, good communication dictates that we know with whom we are communicating. I write for myself and for my readers, so it does matter who’s reading me.

  2. hi 🙂

    saying i have a strikingly beautiful blog design is about the nicest thing i have ever seen anyone say!! my friend crystal did the layout, the right side of my brain is constantly adding and/or changing pictures —

    thank you for your kind comments and i appreciate your insight on my poll (even though you didn’t respond there, hmmm?) some day, aside from it being just a way to pass the time and get into everyone’s heads, i suppose i’ll have to turn it into some sort of article or scientific research.

    or not.


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