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What Public Schools Have In Mind For Your Future

Based on “Hijacking America’s Educational System” by Atlas Shrugs

Up to now, I have pretty much maintained the importance of public education. Based on the premise that a democracy such as ours must have an educated populace to govern ourselves as we ought.

The operative word, however, is education. And once, if the social engineers at work in the public education sector have their way, they substitute propaganda for real education… then I’m out. Then I say we stop financing and we dig in our heels when courts rule to throw money regardless of legislation and voters will.

Not that I think it would win the day, but because someone has to stop the madness at some point. I just hope this plan never sees the light of day…athough we already have suffered damage from like implemented school policies ( as long as they can just collect that paycheck, this is what the planners and administrators are up to?)

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