Leftover Fragments

This basket might grow.
Just warning you.

I thought of clarifying a few points.
Vash said “It makes more sense to see both religion and politics as open to question and the holder of any strong belief as capable of defending it.”

I really do agree with this. Although I want to be careful not to add fire to any martyr/heretic stakes, so that is my balance. Not all views are equally good and beneficial, but we are going to have to make great allowances to preserve freedom AND truth. We have to allow truth to fend for itself at times.

In my own view that Christ is the Truth, that God is True, I have to recognize that at times I must let Him speak in His own power- that I usurp His place when I try to force others by tongue or my sword.

It isn’t an easy balance to strike and mistakes are made, but if we don’t vouchsafe the freedom of speech and religion for all, we have betrayed it into oblivion.

So while I am a Fundamental Christian, in truth, I am not one in the definition that tries to paint that as a person who imposes their form of theocracy.

Because the trouble with all such theocracies is that they are not headed by God, but by the ‘US’ that happens to engine it. And then it is not truthfully a theocracy, is it?

Someone got deceived.

And everyone suffers for that.

I don’t want to make another believe- I do want to faithfully and emphatically present truth as it is given me. I will utilize my opportunities for that. I will use it in conversations, on message boards, in comments sections, and in posts and articles. I will use my vote, and my pen.

I will not apologize to anyone for doing so. I value truth, and the truth I see is Christ. Applications of the teachings I embrace will color everything I say, but I hope it will also help me make room for what you say- even if only for debate .


The system that the Christian sees God has set up is one that allows for error and wrong. The field of the wheat and the tares. And the trust that God will work out the threshing on history’s floor in His time.

This is not to say that we leave the fields fallow. We ought to use our citizenship priviledges to call for as just and merciful a system of government as possible. It is our government and we should work out our values together. Yes, there will be compromises…. but Christians must bow their knee to their God and recognize His saying: My Kingdom is not of this world.

That is what I believe. That is why I must allow for lack of perfection as I see perfection. I have found out that I have been less than correct numerous times.

God allows for that and I can do no less. Yet I am responsible to do my utmost to uphold the right- as far as I discern that.

It is a balance.

this post is a work in progress….