Like Mom On The Web

I was over at the Daily Vegetable, Stephanie’s place, and one of her posts was highlighting a site that had this blurb:”Their goal? Bringing families back to the table.”. Now there is a worthy if somewhat futile cause.

Futile, not really, but you are definitely going against the current in that. I almost wrote ‘currant’..which might have been a play on words, but was too subtle to look like anything but a typo-mispelling. I do enough of that as it is.( My life is edits…nothing but edits!)

Anyway, back to it…. if you blogroll and read Stephie, it is like having a Mom on the web…remember how you were ‘encouraged’ to eat your vegetables ? Well, here it is, with recipes and health tips and everything:)

I see how blogging works… you read this and then you have some short term inspiration, you read enough and the idea is in your mind, you have enough little ruts made on the inroads of your mind and you will be aware as you go to the grocery store, you will buy more vegetables and you might even refer back to the site for recipes, instead of letting them rot in the refrigerator.

Because the trick is ( are you taking notes?), the trick of it is to actually prepare and serve. Incorporate into real life, IOW. The seed is there, however.

So go – spend sometime listening to your mother, get inspired to do wonderful things with vegetables this summer… and you might even like it. You might even be inspired to reinstitute family dinner time to make everyone enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Your blogtime has been rationalized…..