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the fine Christian philosopher J. P. Moreland has a new book coming out called Kingdom Triangle that looks to be very interesting. Moreland blogs about it
In this book he seems to be doing something that the church vitally needs but, strangely, almost no one talks about. The “triangle” refers to Moreland’s emphasis on developing the Christian mind, growing the Christian soul, and living in the power of the Holy Spirit. I’ve always maintained that a proper Christian life will be highly developed in all of these areas…
It seems to me that there are huge swathes of the church that swing too far in one of these directions while minimizing the others. Many (not all) charismatics and Pentecostals focus exclusively on spiritual disciplines and the Spirit’s power, while rejecting a robust vision for Christian theology and scholarship. On the other side many (not all) theologically-oriented evangelicals, including those in my own Reformed camp, focus too much on right doctrine, and are oblivious to the fact that their ministries are bereft of significant spiritual power.

Well said, whether the book addresses it or not… but the book definitely sounds like an interesting read and possibly very helpful in discussing this topic. Which really should be both/and and not oppositionally either / or.