Looking From The Outside In

I have done some surfing via Blogexplosion which could be how you, dear reader, landed here. Anyway, the setup is to do lots of random surfing. And it is fad, now, whose lifespan is yet to be seen….

Along the way I have found some really interesting blogs, one I already added to my blogroll and numbers are bookmarked for further exploring. But the reason I am making this little blog is to record something for myself.

I really don’t like vituperative posts laced with invective. I realize we all get angry and rant, but after awhile I want to turn it off, you know? So I thought about the types of things I write here…. I need to keep the mix right, for my own sanity if nothing else. I tend not to go all “blankity-blank” as a matter of rule… I don’t speak that way and I try not to think in those terms, but I can get overly acidic at times. It just happened to bug me after I came upon the nth blankity -blank is so blankity-blank…. I noticed it was extremely tiresome.

Note to myself : none of us likes to hear/see a constant stream of foul temper. Well, maybe twelve year old boys, but they also are easily amused by a constant stream of flatulance…. so we are not going to go in that direction, n’est-ce pas?
{forego comments on the grandstanding French phrase- how often do I do that? -less than the tired cliches} anyway, we need more Français. Maybe some Scots* thrown in just to keep us all sharp and down to earth.
She’s goat mair degrees than a thermometer -or- Twa bubbles aff the centre? Mak a kirk or a mill o’ it.

* just thrown in for effect.

One thought on “Looking From The Outside In”

  1. oh ilona… you are so blah-blah…. blahblahblah. Just say the French and be done with it…. and stop commenting to yourself, it is weird.

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