Love Stories

Getting on has the story on how he and his love met up. I love to hear peoples stories.

Radmila @ My2nd Shelf Life is great for good personal stories, too. Remember those special little guys, in a class that you helped, that were so endearing? She tells you about Hiroki.

I have kind of a long story about how I met my husband …maybe I’ll tell you that one sometime. Maybe not. I will tell you that on the first date he took me to see ‘Williard’. oh…. yeah. The rat movie- and I still married him;) Tells you what little boy charm he had- or sad puppy dog eyes or something, ’cause I hated that movie.

I had a Hiroki-friend when I was in sixth grade. I was a teacher’s helper and I aided the first grade class by tutoring some of the kids. There was a cute little boy that had a crush on me. I was very flattered, and whether that was why or not, I have always enjoyed helping people learn language, etc. You almost always get more out of teaching than you give. I don’t know why that is -maybe because people are generally cool when you take time to know them.

…I’m winding down from some of the serious subjects in case you noticed. I don’t know about you , but I can only concentrate on some of those topics for awhile and then I need to “look up”. Look at the sunshine, hear children laugh, feel soft breezes, think about the good and the positive.

Got any love stories? Love is good and positive.