Mama Threw a Baton At Me

I was ready to pack it up for the day when I noticed Maxed Out Mama threw me a bone meme! My first online baton! Of course I was so excited to be chosen I had to see what it was I was being asked to do… a list of Ten things I’ve never done

  1. Watched American Idol
  2. Parachuted -but I once wanted to
  3. kissed the Blarney Stone
  4. eaten squid
  5. had plastic surgery
  6. married a rich man-or even considered it
  7. met another blogger in person
  8. been to New York City
  9. spit publicly
  10. rappelled -not even an indoor rockwall

ok all very boring… I also never attempted suicide or entertained those thoughts ( too pragmatic) never dove off a 32 foot board ( kind of the same thing in my mind) never asked a guy out never bleached my hair platinum, there’s probably lots of stuff like that- never had a tattoo, although my husband said something horrifying on vacation:”all those tatoos grow on you after seeig so many, have you ever thought of having a tattoo?” HORRORS! I answered never icily enough that I hope never to hear that suggestion again (go get your own tattoo if you like them so much). Actually I just mentioned saggy flesh… and that shut down the subject quickly.

edited oh wait… I was supposed to toss it. Oh dear, I am not much of a joiner- so I don’t know if anyone will take me up on this. hmmm, who should I pick, who is an easy target team playing sweetie?

Let’s see…. {whimper} don’t turn me down:

Gambling on Faithgambler, although he has indicated he is not a joiner, but I like him and roll the baton his way.
Then, Greg with that attitude problem has got to be the surest bet, unless he’s done it before, but he is the type who would do it again just because he holds the title to #1 Sweetie.

And the Muzikdude because I know he has a big heart and he is funny. but I am afraid someone else may have gotten to him first. So I’ll add someone else in here if I can think…*think*!

How about Sarah @ Why Do the Heathen Rage? She asks to be analyzed in her comments every post 😉 and in reading her you can tell she is a kind and thoughtful person.

so, there! everyone tagged!

10 thoughts on “Mama Threw a Baton At Me”

  1. I detest the thought of tattoos myself, although it has more to do with my fear of needles than anything else. I also can’t think of anything that matters enough to me that I’d want it imprinted on my skin forever.

    I’ve also never dyed my hair, or done plastic surgery or…well suffice it to say I’m pretty square.

  2. I didn’t dye my hair until the gray came with a vengence. Now, no one knows for sure what color it is!

    You are square, but in a good way:) Eminently sensible. You are sensible, aren’t you?

  3. Arethusa is sort of polygonish. Very solid and settled when she wants to be, but able to take off in any direction with a minimum of effort.

    Ilona, squid is disgusting! Really. I could have lived the rest of my life without recovering that particular memory.

    I have been to NYC. There’s not much to dislike about it except the air is quite dirty.

  4. Ack! Squid: I will remain far away upon your advice :_

    Thanks for including me in your party. It was a fun diversion.

  5. Polygonish. That’s a perfect blog title, And I think MaxedOutMama is right. Now sensible…? It’s better I not say.

  6. I HAVE watched American Idol and enjoy it because it is a great musical variety show – a lovely blend of old, new, country, pop. The kind of music mix that is rather difficult to find these days; but eating squid (retch)? Never in my lifetime! Or snails either. I just think squid are distant relatives of snails and snails are rather close relatives of slugs.

    Actually this blog was very interesting. It told us some pretty uncanny stuff about who you are.

  7. Polygonish, sounds like a cuisine, a veritable smorgasbord of geometric goodness;) And Maxed Out Mama is usually right…. I’m finding this out.

    Roberta, so many like American Idol that it has got to have things going for it. I don’t have a TV, but do have a VCR ( that would take more explaining) so we don’t watch regular programming- we catch up with pop culture via DVD’s. 24 is one of my favorites, and we have marathons when we get hold of the series. Terrible really-lose alot of beauty sleep that way.

    I’m usually not big on memes, but they probably do have a way of telling things that you wouldn’t think are very interesting, normally. Moreso than online tests;) Of which I do an unsconsionable amount , considering how worthless I think they are…..
    *except the Myers-Briggs

  8. Wow, you’ve never met another blogger in person?! is that intentional? How about two birds with one stone: I’ll meet you in NYC! 🙂

  9. No, not purposefully in the blogger context, although I admit to an aversion to NYC. I would love to meet you and have kept my eye on blogger meets that I hope to attend sometime-‘almost ‘ on the Godcon- but only when they had planned on Phoenix ( I have a son there).

    I’m thinking Atlanta or something like that….. almost anything but NYC %) -and I always wanted to visit the NW -so who knows?

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