I sent out some interview questions, but I thought I would simply post them here and link when I get responses. If you are not a mother of many- that is just fine, just mold the questions to your own situation and let me know the link in the comments section. Open to whoever wants to participate!

Ready, set, go…

1. Were there any special influences in your decision to have a large family?

2. People are always curious about food and how Mom manages that part, have any tips to share or want to describe mealtime at your house? Shopping anecdotes?

3. Speaking of shopping, do you find you get comments on the amounts in the cart or “whether all those are yours”
I kind of think of this as a “here’s yer sign” moment: “Are all those yours?” “no, I decided to take the local nursery school shopping with me today…heeerrrreee’s your sign”
Any comments?

4. What helps most on those days when things aren’t going well- the children are sick, you haven’t slept, the husband has to work late- those kinds of days? What gets you through?

5. How has having a large family changed you?

6. What ways do you find yourself in conflict with the surrounding culture, by having a large family? was there an adjustment period?

7. Any special reason you have the admonition to “call your mom” at the end of your posts?

8. What would you most like to share about the experience of being a mom?

9. What do you believe would most help mothers to be better mothers? What inspires you?

10. How do you fit in “you” time? What does special “you time” entail for you?