Merry Christmas, All

Well, we had the worst snow storm that I can remember for awhile. Is it white enough for you? heh, heh. I couldn’t resist. Although I don’t mean to be all grinchy or anything… if you happen to still be without electrical power, I am truly sorry. Hopefully it is restored by now and you are keeping all nice and cozy. I have wood heat…which means we toast on our backs and in the living room and freeze all the rest of the place…. except in the super duper insulated kitchen, with all the cooking going on. My bedroom is a veritable icebox.

Our Christmas this year was very family/secular I guess. We didn’t brave the conditions for a church service and did the dinner/eating/games playing thing more than anything especially religious. I cooked and cooked all day today, and most everyone thought it was their best meal all year, which was very gratifying, but I didn’t like the way I did the fish and 🙁 my famous cardamom rolls… were doughy.

My husband and kids like them like that, but I like rolls cooked properly. I was just very distracted. The lamb was very good and all the side dishes …. I kept calling in helpers for chopping. etc. I don’t know why they don’t understand (after all these years) that there is too much for one pair of hands… or maybe they do. But it was OK. I just had to ask. There is something intimidating about a cook going full force in the kitchen, I suppose….don’t get in her way unless asked.

My husband spent the 24th braving horrendous driving conditions to get my mom. I had hoped that the driving would have been cleared…but it was still very bad. I felt it was important for my Mom to not be alone… I don’t think she has ever spent Christmas alone, and it wouldn’t have seemed right . I say nothing about that sister that lives in the same town. No…my lips are zipped.

Ahwell, all’s well that ends well.

Like my little kids said, this Christmas was different from all the others.

Sure was. We flexed a bit, but it’s been good… even with the crazy iced snowbanks. And I still have enough stuff in my refrigerator to feed another feast or two. It was as if all my shopping energy went into the grocery and went a little wild.

I think I’ll snuff the candles, now, and get myself a last cup of coffee. I hope there were good Christmas memories made for you, also, in this year.