Misery Does Love Company

Not lots of time- but had to post this…. I never really subscribed to this thought for myself, but found this holiday post funny. I don’t think it is s’posed to be, but when I got to the part where she describes the sociopath… I am sorry… I started to identify with the humor of the situation and ended up with a laugh. OK, I have a sick black sort of humor.

But read tactfullyblunt , and feel better, most of us aren’t going through as difficult a time. Or commiserate. Your choice.

To all who are dealing with death at the door of their family during this time, my most heartfelt sympathies. I went through that last year, and it is incredibly difficult even for the brave.

Sometimes things just get so hard all you can do is laugh in the face of them. At least that is what I always do. I know I’ve crossed the Rubicon when I laugh that sort of laugh.

There’s a freedom in that.

so give it your heartiest this Christmas: laugh with, or laugh at, or just find some reason to laugh…. it is surprisingly healing.