Missing From Our Education


I may not agree 100% with everything that Robert Kiyosaki writes, but he gets some basic things very,very right. He wrote “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, which benefited my family with some common sense ideas that put finances in a perspective that is easy to grasp. He has made some trend forecasting for the next decade, and I think He may be onto something.

I especially agree with this quote:

Financial education is an important objective for this next decade. We cannot allow the gap to grow bigger. We must have financial education in our schools. Money will not close the gap — only financial education will.

This is something that parents need to gain and pass on to their children, and schools need to help.

I was raised by a frugal father, and he passed on some wise sayings to me about finances, but one thing that was of benefit to him that he did not pass on was investing information with the stocks that were in his estate. So I knew how to squeeze a dollar, but I didn’t know how to grow that savings. I had no idea about stocks, or understanding all those symbols and talk about fundamentals, etc.

How many other women out there find that they don’t know very much about finances? Suze Orman has made a career out of that demographic.

I had to learn quickly. The past few years have been quite an education for everyone, but one thing is certain…. most of us will need to understand how finances work as we near “retirement” age. I put that in quotes because many will join the ranks of my husband and I… needing to work as long as we can, without truly “retiring” from the workworld. With Social Security running out, all generations are going to have to make real adjustments in what they view as the costs, and the people they are financially responsible for.

Schools will need to teach about finances in a whole new and rigorous way. And we will all need to deconstruct the old thinking that government will take care of us, or that hard work is enough. We need real skills in understanding the debility of debt, and the way wealth increases and is preserved. We need it for our individual lives, and we need it for our country.