Mixed Results

My life is full of mixed results right now. Mixed hopes, and worse for wear faith, are present as well. The thing that concerns me most is the “hands hanging down” mode.

I will probably lighten up on the philosophical delving, as that tends to feed a generally depressed disposition. I have a basic intuitive view that the answers in Christ cut through many of philosophy’s Gordian knots. After all, that is exactly how Jesus answered the long drawn out controversies of Sadducees and Pharisees, the well-crafted conundrums on taxes, and tests of different kinds, in general.

Wisdom refuses to get tangled up in manufactured and endless distractions. It weighs the value and pursues the precious in life.

And I have been praying genuinely for wisdom, lately. Matters in my life demand it, I am feeling very helpless and listless. I suppose it is wisdom to know one is in over ones head, and understand that ones odds are overwhelming. But I need the cap to the thing: the ‘what to do.’

And the something to help. God’s intervention is what I am referring to…. I believe that makes the difference in our muddling through. We can do our muddling through and come out on the upside or on the downside…. it is God’s grace that makes the difference.

One thing that is highlighted by all those cogitations on abstract theories on good and evil is renewed focus of thought direction on recognizing the importance of prayer.

If we are the link that is necessary for good to triumph and for God’s goodness to be poured out in situations, then it is prayer that holds the key.

That is something I have held as true for a long time, the discussions just point up the need for extending the conviction further into lifestyle reality.

If it is really that way, that prayer is meaningful and necessary , then that is where the changes need to be, in crease of prayer. Increase of effective prayer. Jesus taught on the difference.

There are lots of motivations for increasing prayer,. Some are need, some are spiritual fellowship, some are recognition of the capacity for more, for growth. Things like that.

But my faith has taken a battering. I hate to admit that. It seems like letting others down in one more thing. But I have one last thing to hold on to at this time: when I am weak, then Christ -in me and for me- is strong.

He has always come through before…… so .

2 thoughts on “Mixed Results”

  1. Thank you for your words of honesty and hope. Thank you for encouraging me. I will pray for you too.

  2. Thank you for the prayers. I do have hope even if it is the tiniest bit ever..

    It is God’s Faithfulness that is encouraging…., we should just speak of it more often; I am trying to figure out how David encouraged his heart at Ziklag. He must have remembered the many times God came through.

    I am glad for compassionate fellow Christians like you. Just want to say that…

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