Moderating Muslims

Hootsbuddy’s Place: More Muslims against extremism has some of the report on what is happening in the Muslim world in response to some of the issues addressed in my blog, so I thought this would be of great interest to readers.

One thought on “Moderating Muslims”

  1. Thanks for the link. I don’t think a lot of people are paying attention yet. The notion that there might be moderate Muslims is counter to the idea that we need to be “fighting the islamofascists over there rather than over here.” That poisonous term has been seared into the consciousness of a lot of people. I did hear reference on a radio program yesterday to a column by Max Boot in the San Francisco Examiner (I think) that reported positive news about improved Muslim opinion polls all over the world. This would be in line with a more outspoken poopulation of moderate muslims.

    At this point I am watching developments between Iraq and Iran very closely. Seems to me that we are tinkering with what is essentially a civil war in Iraq, and the Kurds — the group that should be getting the most out of Iraq’s version of what is apparently going to pass for “democracy” — are getting shafted pretty bad. A quasi-religious political expression in Iraq would be overtly opposed to anything Kurdish.
    When you aren’t sitting on petroleum in that part of the world, life can be an uphill struggle. It is no accident that Saddam could annihilate whole populations of Kurds and get away with it. Sure, there was air cover providing protection for the Kurds, but not in time for the ones who were wiped out.

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