Monday Vesper

More fragments, I’m afraid.

I was on the computer too much again. I surfed, I saw, I commented willy-nilly.
One thing: I would never watch a TV exorcism. Just so you know. Too many issues to even talk about there.

I put a book that my husband is reading ( because I always end up reading them and sometimes he doesn’t finish-just like movies) into the sidebar. And really, folks, he has a heart as strong as a horse and I am the one with heart stuff. ( I didn’t want to say issues again and now I have to wait awhile again). He also took a video out on the same topic by Ornish…. because the Pastor had it in a helpful sermon a couple weeks ago.

I don’t think I can eat like that, not totally, but I think the intimacy information is interesting.

If I seem up and down on some of these posts, I’m going menopausal I think. Now aren’t you sorry you read this far?

I will make it up to you: a poem and a good quote to meditate upon this evening.

poem first

Remorse For Intemperate Speech

-William Butler Yeats

I ranted to the knave and fool,
But outgrew that school,
Would transform the part,
Fit audience found, but cannot rule
My fanatic heart

I sought my betters: though in each
Fine manners, liberal speech,
Turn hatred into sport,
Nothing said or done can reach
My fanatic heart.

Out of Ireland have we come.
Great hatred, little room,
Maimed us at the start.
I carry from my mother’s womb
A fanatic heart.

and now the quote:

excerpt from Critical Massby Mario Murillo

America is spiritually dying because God has sales reps and not channels of His glory. We feverishly do the right things, almost as a bribe to postpone the needed pouring out of ourselves as a living sacrifice. Again we must no longer see the bad things as barriers to revival, but the seemingly good.

We can’t dole out precious ointment to the poor in doses that don’t cure them or honor God. We must be poured out on God!

Spiritual awakening means that the faithful become fiery, the decent become dynamic, and the acceptable become excellent. But, most of all, we become
disgusted with our evil, and totally dissatisfied with our good.

We realise that now is the time to pull out all the stops. No program is sacred, no worthy project is worth enough. None of the ointment can be spared. It
is revival or death!

and if that is not enough ….read through some of this, tell me what you think, Transparency Now

2 thoughts on “Monday Vesper”

  1. Yeats and Murillo in one post–your are indeed a generous soul, Ilona! Yoga helps me with that “fragmented” feeling.

  2. ok! i’m inspired now…just have to dig up my yoga tape and try to resume. Last time I did it ended up straining my back…. and I used to consider that my “easy” tape.

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