Morality Is Also Telling The Truth

In light of the tragic events of today in London, it is a little hard to feel motivated to write anything of worth. Yet, an overall high and moral purpose is to advocate those things which support life and support the wellbeing of humanity. Mankind has many fronts before him. It is overwheming at times.

Yet, when I came across this post, I felt that it would be generally helpful information to know, and for us to realize -on all fronts- how important maintenance of truth is, despite the deceptive practices at work every day to leave people dazed and confused.

Please read this post from PajamaHadin.

Anti-Prostitution Pledge in the AIDS Act – Pajama Hadin

Despite the opinion of the NYT editorial on this matter, the anti-prostitution pledge as a requirement for government funding may not be a violation of an organization’s freedom of speech after all. It is simply an instistence that public funds be spent for the purposes for which they were authorized and, although organizations are free to run programs that refuse to state an opposition to prostitution and in fact work alongside the practice of prostitution, the government is also free not to subsidize such programs.

=======Burying the Truth=========

A scientific report written by Harvard researchers revealed that faithfulness and abstinence campaigns, in that order, played the most significant role in accomplishing the largest AIDS decline in history in Uganda, a war-torn nation in eastern Africa. The 128-page report, written by Edward (Ted) C. Green, Ph.D., an anthropologist at Harvard University’s School of Public Health, and two research associates, detailed Uganda’s story—how in the 1980s the country couldn’t afford to spend millions purchasing condoms from Westerners.

Green’s report concluded that being-faithful and abstinence education played more significant roles than condom distribution.