I can’t help it, this stuff is interesting, I get off on things about blogging, OK? I am temporarily nuts. There- you happy I admitted it?

Maybe I’m tired of bad news and politics… I don’t know, it just is fun to read all the opinions on what makes blogging tick. Tick like timebomb…yeah baby…sorry, that was a glitch… too much Austin Power in the background.

Estate Legacy Vaults Blog liveblogging:

Lisa Stone say women bloggers are not showing up in the search results. They’re not on the top 100 bloggers on the Technorati lsit.

Charlene Li, from Forrester. There is a game out there, characterized by the 80/20 rule. Some of us want to be on the A list, others blog for their own personal satisfaction. You have to play by the rules .

Haley: Wasn’t blogging begun so as not to play by the rules. Weren’t the personal stories told by Jeff Jarvis and others influential in changing even the New York Times to

Charlene Li ‘s rules
1. Be good at networking

We’re not as good at networking as the men are.

* Tell people what you can give.
* Ask people for what you need.

Haley says ask for links. ASK. Women don’t ask. ASK again. ASK the third time.
2. Be relevant
3. Be unique

….Dina another become credible in what you care about.
Roxanne. Engage people more from the other side. They’re just yelling at each other. I comment a lot on other blogs and ask them – respectfully – why do they think the way they do.

Audience. When I read bloggers on either side, they’re much too hostile to the other side.

Amber. If you think that yelling at people will convince them. There is too much mud-slinging. I hate Ann Coulter.

Audience member. She needs a sandwich. She needs a makeover.

Roxanne. But people like conflict, they like drama.


So what does blogging do? It sounds like it does lots of things for lots of people, but we knew that cliche. Here you go: it’s all in the details….