More Proof Why Secularism Is Helpless

Joel Mowbray: Muslim mythology thrives on PC college campuses

is basically an explanation of why secularism is, and will remain, helpless in dealing with Islam.

By the time Liberal PC thinking secularists will get around to dealing with this they will take a fascist tack. Because that is always the way the purely secular takes care of religious-based “problems”. I have looked at this in my essay, A Christian’s Response.

This is why we will see increasingly hard-line policy advocated within the country. And in lieu of that track being taken, more aggressive activity by Muslims, with people standing by helplessly, not able to address fanaticism, but not willing to abridge their cherished freedoms either.

Will Christians, born-again Christians, cower in the corner? I want to know. I want to know if we, as a group, have the courage to minister Christ in this volatile situation, or if we are going to try to preserve our comfy little niche? Are we going to go to war in this society to win more priviledge for ourselves? Or are we going to go the way of the cross and give ourselves to what really matters? Men’s souls….. caring for even souls of those deluded by Islamofascism?

Because those who speak of Christ to these men and women will find themselves in the crosshairs. They will neither please the secularists, to whom we are flaunting their demand that religion be totally private (unexpressed outside the walls of church and censored within), nor will we please those religions who want to keep their numbers and power intact.

A crosshair is surprisingly like a cross in this case, isn’t it?

Commitment to Christ has come pretty cheaply in recent history here in the States. There is a lot of whining about how we, as Christians, are not accepted, or not showcased well, etc.

But I tell you one thing: this scene, if it gets played the way it looks to me, it will be a filter for Christians. It will soon filter out the demanding self-filled ‘why don’t I get my place in the sun’ Christian men and women.

There are those who have -for a long time now- desired fervently that we would see the vital early church revived in our institution of Christianity.

Well, we may get that…just not in the way we imagined.