MuD & PHuD Weighs In On Eminent Domain

MuD & PHuD

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July 5th Rally at the New London City Hall:

“This from Gov. Rell sort of chaps my butt, however:

Rell said she has mixed emotions about the court ruling.

“I can certainly understand the economic development concerns, but I’m certainly also sympathetic with the people,” she said. “I think if we can strike a good balance and if there’s legislation that would address that, then I’m more than willing to look at it.”

Oh, what a politician. Gov. Rell, there is no balance to be struck between “the people” (really, the right of an individual person to own property) and “economic development”. If a hamlet, village, town, city, county, state or country is strapped for cash, that still does not them the power to steal a person’s land for private development. Ever.”