Müzikdüde Sounds Off

Muzik has a little to say about Christians and Christmas. I wanted to dispute him, but ended up liking him and what he had to say. Although don’t take my Christmas away from me *wink* I’m kidding >joke< but, really...don't. Check out Müzikdüde (John) . I think you’ll enjoy your time there.
…..interesting guy.

2 thoughts on “Müzikdüde Sounds Off”

  1. John is a great guy…I too, enjoy his blog and comments. He’s sharp, witty and a a lot of fun.

    Definately a cut above!

    Nice blog by the way…does it merit further attention? As Sig would say…hmmm

  2. He definitely has a blog destined to grow.

    As for me… I am an acquired taste… and whether that merits further attention depends on the person. 🙂

    Siggy has his detractors and all….. but the phrase Freudian slip is indelibly imprinted in the cultural consciousness ( uhoh, now that is Jung’s territory isn’t it?)

    Thanks for visiting.

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