My Heroes

I’ve been a person with few heroes. I just saw the cracks in the plaster a little too clearly, or maybe the bar of my idealism was too high. Probably being brought up in a critical thinking environment added its contribution to that.

This morning, though, I came across a post of the type that exemplifies what I find as a hero in this portion of my life.

I love the voice of wisdom. I love the sweetness of the serving spirit. I love it and admire it greatly. Before I go on with my day I wanted to point others to the wholesome repast of Debra in “As I See It Now”. Maybe it will put perspective and quietness upon your mind as it did mine.

As I See It Now

3 thoughts on “My Heroes”

  1. Hi Ilona… Thanks so much for your comment at my blog yesterday! And what an honor it was for me to see my name mentioned in your post here. I do thank you so much! I hope I’ll see you often over at my blog–I really do enjoy getting to know new friends. Thanks again and God bless… Debra

  2. Julie- I think we will be greatly edified!
    Debra, I do hope to visit often. Your thoughts and your writing are beautiful- and that is part of the Philipians 4:8 injunction.

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