New To The Blogroll

I was perusing through the blogshares links to different blogs and came upon Matt Powell’s Wheat and Chaff. I find it an excellent blog to read. Lots of interesting thoughts and conversations.

I realize I am top heavy in the religion department again. If I ever revert to my predilection for mixing things up and engaging the darkness in discussions, it would be quite a jolt for those used to the fairly demure content that is here so far.

Oh yessss, friends and neighbors, I have been quite demure. I am not really sure I want to go crusading forth at this time, however. I wasn’t at all convinced at the usefulness of that in my forum forays. It was fun, but not really useful. Well, I can’t really say that. I learned an awful lot about how to look at arguments from their logical points and fallacies. I learned a terrific amount about how other people think, and what the feelings are “on the other side”.

But my rudeness factor does escalate in such exchanges. That is not so pretty. I guess because sometimes I get almost amused, and that often comes off as arrogance and rudeness. Smirky-like. Or else I am very emotional and express to people that something makes me cry. Sometimes the darkness in people does make me cry with sadness for them, and for their hurt. I can identify with that.

How did I get onto this? What I really wanted to do was share a good, thinking blog….but it got to “all about me” somehow, sorry. There’s plenty of time for that;)