Next On Our Plate: SCOTUS

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Expect something like this to be the liberal refrain over the course of the next few months as regards the SCOTUS openings, particularly if that codger Stevens steps down, in addition to Sandy and, apparently, Rehnquist:

“President Bush is determined to pack the Court with extremists who will tailor their decisions to the far right, fundamentalist fringe. We need people who will provide balance to the Court.” I’d be willing to bet good money that the word “balance” will be a major talking point for the libs in days to come as they come half-unglued over the prospect of constructionists gaining a majority on the SCOTUS. “Balance”…sounds like a great word, doesn’t it? Sounds so…so…balanced!
There are two problems with this kind of thinking:

The points are well-made…where was the liberal call for “balance” during the Clinton years? And, further, is balance and political lineup what is wanted in the Supreme Court?