North Western Winds Comes Through Again: Insights

North Western Winds: The last Conservative value

“One can attempt to make an ideology of some elements of conservative thinking by fetishizing them: free markets, law and order, nationalism. To avoid this trap – one that is not unique to conservatives – one has to remember that we value those things because we think they can help people. Our loyalty has to be to people, and not to abstractions…………

This WSJ op ed examines the Liberal counterpoint to the above: Liberal fundamentalsts:

… politics during the presidencies of Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower was waged mainly as politics and not as a kind of religious political crusade. Somehow that changed during the Kennedy presidency.

Mr. Kennedy used the force of his personality to infuse his supporters with a sense of transcendent mission–the New Frontier. ”

Perhaps this summer is time to revisit terms such as ideology and such thoughts as

G-Gnome’s idea of conservatism is that should be:

a philosophy, not an ideology, that compliments Judaeo-Christian values and does not seek to supplant them