Not Too Early- for those who have everything

It’s not too early to think about Christmas giving, particularly if you’re a crafty type.

May I suggest for those on your list who have everything? Thing in a Jar

Thing in a Jar

7 inches by 4 inches, mason jar

Pictured above is the Thing in a Jar that’s usually sitting in my office at work……
This is the third Thing in a Jar I’ve made. For some reason I’m always compelled to give them away as gifts….
It’s fun to leave the Thing in a Jar in someone’s refrigerator and watch their reaction.
-Drew Olbrich

My kinda guy

3 thoughts on “Not Too Early- for those who have everything”

  1. That’s hilarious! I often give people layered Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix in a jar, but the alien fetus is much more unique!

  2. 😉 What every Mom wants in her fridge.

    The conversations this could begin…… as a desktop accessory in the office.
    Oh the opportunities for black humor… the propaganistic openings it could provide. The possibilities are endless.

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