Odds And Ends

I came across someone talking about “generational curses” the other day. Some things I table. I table what I don’t think I can quite understand just yet. That is one topic that qualifies. I did make one conclusion on the matter, though. The person speaking of the teaching/idea felt he had to avoid the person who was deemed under the effects of the curse. That makes no sense.

I don’t know if some people, or Christians, really believe that a curse is contagious. Maybe they do. If I think about it, some people do act in a way that would indicate that.

I think Christians get doctrines mixed up sometimes. Like that of excommunication and shunning and that of not fellowshipping with darkness, etc.

Just jotting this down without any explanation. Sorry, unfamiliar-with-Christianese people.

Then…. I listened to someone talk about Witchcraft in the Christian sense- as someone who says malevolent things about other Christians. Not sure what to think about that one either.

I am trying to learn how to work with wordpress. Harder than I thought. On a new site- not messing with this one right now.

Lots of Protestants discussing whether the Pope was saved. I consider that one futile waste of time. No one knows for sure if someone else was saved…. the simplest criteria possible is what I am in favor of: believing on the name of Christ. Extreme simplicity. Then leaving it in God’s hands.

I think lots of Protestants think they can hold up what they know of scripture and deduce whether another was saved or not. That is folly. If they reduced the thinking to that formula I think they would see the folly of their attempts; but because they get all caught up in the complexities of discussing this or that doctrine, they don’t see that they can never come to a viable conclusion on the matter.

They will end up with “Only God really knows”.

We can know that we are responsible to be true to the knowledge given us. We have to be faithful, inasmuch as we are able to be faithful, to what we have been given of truth.

Like Peter we want to ask Christ, “but what of this man?”
Jesus still says it is none of our business. How much time and effort that would save so many of us.


The topic of God is huge. Just huge. I ran across a post that tried to address it. Good luck on that one. I think if you really devoted the time to it, it would take over your blog. People have perennial interest in the subject- but they have a love/hate relationship with it, too.

I was on an intp list, filled with atheists, that could not tear away from God subjects. Could not tear away. Even when they had participants remonstrating about ‘beating a dead horse’ and all that.

Of course, I never tire of talking religion. I like ‘light up” if you know what I mean. I catch myself scanning over information for God-related topics and conversations. Politics is different. I have selective interest in politics. I suppose it is reverse or nothing like it at all for some people.

But most people have an interest in the spiritual. In some way or another.

And that’s natural;)

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  1. I’ve had people say to me the most incredible things to me in group conversations. Things like “I didn’t respond to you because you mispronounced my name.” I don’t think God is like that. I think all sincere, heartfelt prayers are heard no matter who says them or even if Christ is called by another name. Is that too generous a thought? Well, I think a loving God is that generous and his spirit will light the way for the sincere heart to find understanding.

  2. We too often think that God is made in our image, rather than realizing it was supposed to be the other way around.

    I have stopped being surprised by harsh things from people, but that doesn’t mean I get used to it, either. If we make attempts to be loving-no matter how poor those attempts might be, I think God does take pity and help us to do it better. I do believe the grace of God is very broad. I don’t see any other avenue for that grace except for Christ- but just how God administers that …. I no longer have pat answers for that.

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