Ok I Preached…

I know, I know. I can’t help it, it’s my nature or something. I will come back to the subject when I am ready, but without outside input I wind down on subjects like pornography. Let’s face it, if we don’t have something sensational to work with many of us avoid the subject.

I have extremely deep feeling on the present human trafficking problem and things related to that… and the sex industry is definitely related, but I have such a sadness that I get all murky in my thoughts. That is why I like debate… someone who makes me think things out.

I came across someone like that recently. Went by the moniker of Boomr…maybe we will strike up some of that political conversation again.

Here’s what happened to me:
I am used to the discussion being unfairly weighted towards those who want to rewrite history and edit all the Christian influence out…. and many of them are sorely lacking in being adept at working with the big picture. But this guy Boomr ( I think it is a guy) brought me to a place where I couldn’t go forward without giving the discussion lots more time to work out the things brought up about secularism; and it was a digression in the original topic. I thought I ought to consider the synthesis of religion and the secular influence in the outcome of the present democratic form we have. Of course, we didn’t even have time to get into the fact that the Puritan base was in place here and quite influential in America’s formation …. but I have had some new ideas that I wanted to …cogitate… upon,you know, chew a bit -spit it out on the plate, bring it back into my mouth without anyone looking…..

Sometimes we need to do that. Truth is never compromised by looking at factors other than what you are used to working with.

I am sort of thinking along the lines of where the secular inevitably leads us, and it intertwines with the pornography thread…. that the objectification of women might be the inevitable outcome of a materialist system that depersonalizes by its nature. Not that that explains the fact that this has happened from way, way back… just how it aids it in modern so-called more enlightened society. we just find modern reason to act primitively. The question is – what is it that restrains that primitive urge to pulverize the other in someone to get what you want?

I know that is odd to follow, because those are just strands I am working with; but look at it this way, if your world view is one that is impersonal in its ultimate outcome of logic, where does that leave you in the relating to others? why look at them as personal if you feel you need to use them, or if they are in your way? It is easier to explain to yourself if you aren’t encumbered with the idea of accountability to some personal God who sees them the same as He sees you.

And in the secular idea…. if you have our system with real seeds of secularism in it, which I think is undeniable, then doesn’t it make sense that there is a tension between that and the religious world view that produces an open field? But then in that tension, if you get the secular increasingly pushing out the religious and suppressing its influence…what do you get? You get an impersonal and most likely totalitarian influence such as was seen in the secular supremacy of historical Communism. Simply due to the diametric demands of the two, and the increasing number of people who are convinced that Christian religion, especially, is enough of a threat to erase it from the public forum.

It’s like you won’t miss it til its gone, and then where will the moral base of why it is important to be compassionate, or old noblesse oblige ideas of being charitible, etc., where will be the source for that, the engine for motivation for that? Because those are longterm goals for good. You aren’t guaranteed in your generation, let alone in the next coming year, that your efforts and sacrifice will be worthwhile.

Just stuff like that…. and I actually exercised some today 🙂