Ok- So I’ve Been Surfing

Instead of being busy with housework and all. You can only be so good for so long, you know the saying about being too righteous. [Ecclesiastes 7:16
Do not be overly righteous, Nor be overly wise: Why should you destroy yourself?]

Trite Remarks says things the way I wish I could ( an author who can actually write ), although there are kind souls who have flattered me…tsk, tsk good friends! This is part of a post

I can write my way out of this.

All night I dreamt of writing. I should have been swimming through the air, practicing my flying. I should have been exploring those fragmenting cities of the future, or fighting off demonic robots. But I was writing instead – some endless essay, of which only the title remained in the morning: Staying Young: Retaining Relevance in an Irrelevant World. I worry. I worry too much about age. I worry too much about worry.

I can write my way out of this.
I can write my way out of this.

Time’s a little faster down here. Condensed – sort of squished, I guess. Though there is less of it, I still find time to procrastinate. I think: there is truth in the faint, hurried lines of your sketches, but the smudge marks of your eraser are much more revealing. Just like the dirt removed from this hole, what is missing weighs so much more than what remains.

I can write my way out of this.

Good, huh? It has more impact when you read the whole thing….

Then I was at Ocean Guys and I so agree with him:, he says “Get US out of the UN” and you can’t deny he has cause. It is so sickening what they get away with while we help payroll it -and they pretend to have the high ground.

And then Barking Dingo wrote a piece on eminent domain


The weight of the world is starting to pull me under… I think I will be ready , maybe even feel relieved, to get busy with housework tomorrow. Now that should make some people around here feel happy…..

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  1. Sweep kitchen…surf blogs…bake mostaciolli for 12…surf blogs…put a bandaid on a pigtailed girl’s knee (skinned whilst rollerskating)…surf blogs…Good housekeeping and blogsurfing to you, Ilona!

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