One On the Church Before Lights Out/ and a few other things

Maxed Out Mama wrote some things on the reactions to the New Pope and opined on some of the desired changes, and of actual changes seen in the mainstream of the Christian denominations.

Basically the question is asked, Why complain and try to change the church when there are other choices?

Or as MOM so succinctly summarizes:

“if I go to a restaurant and order a steak, I kind of expect to get a steak and not seafood.”

====some other things=====

Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal

And the joy of three year olds… I so miss those days! Three is a good age

All Moral Law is the Application of Religion

“There ought to be a law.” How often have we heard that, usually in response to some perceived misdeed that turns out not to be illegal?…..Standards have to come from something. They can’t exist in and of themselves, because they do not have the attributes of self-existence and they don’t do anything affirmatively. Standards are ideas, not substances. They don’t think, know, discern, make decisions or act.

A standard implies that there is a standard maker.

====update on the Mifflin High School assault incident====
Harris Appears On NBC 4 Midday; Principal Holds News Conference
new!Life Goes On as Mifflin Tries To Heal (sorry about the google highlighting, but pdf is slow)

and a little more update:
Parableman hilights Laurence Thomas’ essay which is addressing something the community will not-so far:

Some black folks talk as if all the problems blacks face in life are owing to white racism. Not so. And nothing more clearly evidences this than the fulsome rape of a disabled black girl by four black boys followed by the utter lack of moral outrage on the part of the black community.

The Mifflin fiasco is a black problem. What are blacks going to do about it? Be black or be just? Blacks can, of course, be both. The issue is whether blacks have the courage to do both.

And further on the subject is Thomas Sowell’s theory on the root of Black American problems: their culture. I think he has a good point, and it ought to be considered. Then maybe some of the discussion and the solutions that we advocate might be more efficacious. It is worth looking at….

And perhaps some of the Christians who might have some of these same cultural characteristics might want to look at whether these things are in line with the scriptures or not. I’m willing for that exercise.

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  1. Thanks for the update on the Mifflin incident. Interesting how one contradicts the other. Who is that second woman anyway?

    Every news story I have read about this contradicts every other one.

  2. I can’t believe the spin that is starting to take place around this- I mean I can- but you know what I’m saying. Retterer-Helfrich is one of three assistant principals who were suspended.

    I am adding some more to this in an update-but my server was down all morning, so had to wait til now.

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