Oopsie, Wiccans for Breakfast

I followed a link from a homeschooling site to Fark.com. Never had been to that site before. (Turns out this is the origination of one of my favorite pics, that of the kitty being chased by Domo-kuns). The link was in reference to the banning of Halloween, OK? And the snickering was along the lines of how dumb PC can get , OK?

But here is the thing…. I go to the page of discussing the subject and, at first, I’m thinking how hilarious it is because it is obviously a parody/farce , right? But then I read on…. and then I am not so sure that these people aren’t serious, and then I think they can’t be serious, most of them are joking, and then…… you get the picture.

Good grief. Some of them are serious, some are whacked, some are just having fun. If you want to read about the latest Wiccan/Christian/School weirdness sort of subject, the link is for you, friend.

For more about the link read on:

Here are some quotes:

“I especially like the Wiccan prayers in school, every Tuesday. I’m so glad they got out of that Protestant bias in state religion.”

“My theory is that this is another CHRISTIAN attempt to ban Halloween. But using the reverse-psychology method of claiming it’s really to protect those poor, sensitive, easily-offended witches.

Well, either that, or the guy is just a moron. But my theory is more fun.”

“Just to add to the idiocy, a boy who had hung up a Frankenstein dummy from a tree had it knocked down because somebody thought that a hanging Frankenstein was racist.”

That last one is good… not that I like hanging Frankensteins or any other grisly sort of Halloween ghouly-ghastly stuff, but really….. how many Frankenstein-ish people do you know? like protesting Guy Fawkes Day in England.

Of course, maybe I am wrong on this. Burning effigies and hanging them seems a bit barbaric for my tastes. Anyway to go on with the best of Fark.com’s Witch Hunt of Halloween, actually they call it ” Political correctness reaches new level of idiocy ” :

“Where does the insanity stop?
Have we forgotten the true meaning of Halloween? FREE CANDY”

And my very favorite,

“Humankind is simply materialized color opperating on the 49th vibration. You would, uh. make that conclusion walking down the street or going to the store.


It ought to be read in context for full effect.

Ok, then…carry on with whatever you were doing. Because we know that the PC craziness is not going to go away…. too many people get their jollies from it, and we are now seeing it morph.

You are going to have to guess whether I am serious or joking when I say this: We all know that PC is the work of the devil.

(I could write a post on that if it interests anyone). It won’t take much encouragement…..

mwah ha ha ha