You know the outcome of the election by now. Lost on the wind were a few voices that warned Democrats that people were not voting a mandate for all the Dem’s favored platforms …more that it was a protest for change. Ah well, it will become apparent soon enough. Some things don’t take much of a gift to predict.

For me, there are frustrating outcomes of decisions which have led me to renew the caution with which we make all our well laid plans: you can’t predict people. they never respond in quite the way you think they will as individuals, although circumstances will have certain outcomes. That is why we get all the “I told you so”s and the “I’m so sorry, I had no idea”‘s. And why history repeats itself. No wonder prophets are driven to madness.

Laying all that aside, I was absent here, and attending a conference with one of my daughters. It was very beneficial to us to get away and refresh our thinking under some very good preaching and teaching. I listened to someone new to me: Will Ford, and that was some excellent teaching. He expounded on the meaning of the threshing floor, and how God builds substance into us. If you read here very often you know how those terms must have struck a chord within me, it was a hopeful and encouraging message. This was a portion of his larger focus on the the topic of influence…also the subject of a book he has written,’Created for Influence’. Leadership training curriculums would really benefit from this book, I believe. Will Ford is full of insights into scripture, and previously wrote History Makers.

Here’s an excerpt from one of his newsletters:

Let’s take a moment to summarize the differences between man’s “celebrities” and God’s “stars”:

• Celebrities entertain people by saying what they want to hear. Stars provoke people by proclaiming what God says they need.
• Celebrities are swayed by public preferences and compromise. Stars are rooted in principles and unwavering conviction.
• Celebrities hire public relation firms to hype and protect their reputations. Stars have died to self and therefore to their reputations; they know that any light they have is God’s light shining through them.
• Celebrities seek worldly success. Stars pursue godly significance.
• Celebrities use people to serve their authority. Stars use their authority to serve people.
• Celebrities use their influence to impress society’s “somebodies.” Stars use their influence to empower society’s so-called “nobodies.”
• Celebrities seek crowds and crowns. Stars seek God and lay down their crowns; when God exalts them, it’s because of their humility.
• Celebrities build their own kingdoms. Stars build God’s Kingdom.

Celebrities may influence a fashion trend or a catchphrase, but stars are building an unseen legacy in eternity that can influence generations to come on earth. You can either be a bound celebrity, enslaved to people’s opinions and the kingdom of darkness, or you can be a star and rule and reign with Christ in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6)!