Papist Past Tense

As bloggers remark on the passing of the Roman Catholic Pope, John Paul II, I found a few thoughts worth reiterating here.

Protestants and Catholics still have their doctrinal differences, and some, like LaShawn Barber have emphasized that lately. It was likely an effort to remain honest about where one stands. However, The Rough Woodsman pointed up a comment that I think embodies the reason we may see our brotherhood in Christ:
“JP2 “sent the message: You can accept our beliefs, or you can just shut up now and go home, because I’m the freaking Vicar of Christ, holy pontiff of the True Church That Christ Founded, and might I remind you that we don’t reneg on our confessions like you guys? Now shut up and go play your stupid ‘Can we ordain homosexuals now?’ games…”” by Josh S.

We are prone to error, and we have need of holding to the message entrusted us. The Catholic Church has wavered in the Truth ( oh yes they did) and the Protestants have wavered. But Christ is proving greater than us all. As it should be.

We can see the good in the pope, and what John Paul II accomplished, even when we differ on very important points. We can work together when we are united in purpose and view. And I am not referring to that ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’ stuff. I am talking about the fact that we recognize the same God, and our views on what He says can have points of agreement.

Even Paul and Barnabas had their different views and directions for a time; but Christ brought them back together.

It is this work of Christ that I celebrate as the ecumenicalism we can hold while remaining faithful to our call and first love for Christ Jesus.

The Catholic Church has stood for life when many wavered in opinion. There should be some respect for that. There should be a little respect for their leader who brought dignity to the worldwide scene- even when we cannot agree with all his opinions.

Honor to whom honor is due. That is a godly approach which can embrace the good whenever, wherever, it is found.

Even sometimes in our doctrinal opposites.

As a silly aside: I gotta love someone who titles his comments section,”LA LA LA! I’M NOT LISTENING! ” I think I’ll blogroll Josh 🙂