People Like Me

People like me, we talk much too much to ourselves. We weave words and we wallow in them. Not always fit for public consumption.

I was thinking about the home birth posts. One thing I don’t have in them, just because I am trying to submit what I believe is untraveled thinking territory for most people, so keeping it cool with facts….. anyway, one thing that I don’t cover is how I believe the interplay of the sterile and interventionist manner of hospital birth is combined with some of the repugnance women have for the birth process. Most women wouldn’t express it as Leilah McCracken has, but they get very put off the idea of having children.

It isn’t all from the hospital birth experience, but that certainly contributes. It is actually quite more, but perhaps that part is symbolic of a whole string of interrelated factors that serve to work against the portion of a woman’s life that is birth and mothering. Demeaning it and creating a burdensome onus.

I need to look at where I was on the Bringing it Home series of posts…. I didn’t really get into all the comparisons .

hot hot hot. I am eating some wasabi peas from the Archer Farms brand. Wasabi is a present favoirte, along with mango. Those are my flavors du jour.
These snacks are incinerating, but the wasabi-ginger butter I had on my toast this morning was simply a twinge; a pleasant twinge…. I bought it @ Wild Oats.
Am trying to work up the courage for sushi, since they have some very fresh offerings there… but not yet;)

Soon I go to get my family some pizza and me some fruit bar popsicles. Another food fad I have. My favorite is Edy’s.

I was very interested in a couple post themes, one being Maxed Out Mama’s on faith, and the blogroll one that I saw over @ Certain Slant of Light , Greg’s and Anchoress. Too lazy to post now and told myself that I don’t need to comment everything I find interesting, but not because I am not diligent. Quite the opposite! I am so very pleased with myself to say: Yes, have actually worked on real life things and been outside and made iced tea, and cleaned ( I am in the middle of major cleaning projects). Washed- that reminds me, have to hang out those things after this post…

This last week I played with a cartoon generator…. I want to do one where I think it out and am not led by the character names…. which is below the fold. Which I shouldn’t make because feeding egos is not wise, but hey! Live dangerously I say. ( but have no idea why) I suppose this is not the wisest crack to make given my recent subject matter. Let me rephrase that….



-I’m no Chris Muir, but shaddup, I had fun, a few minutes of fun. 😉
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2 thoughts on “People Like Me”

  1. Okay, I laughed really hard. The rabbits!

    Um, I’ve been pondering the fact that SC&A and you are the yin and yang twins. You’re often both saying the same things, but in different ways with different emphases. Okay, I’m sure he knows nothing about birth worth knowing to a woman.

    Or maybe it’s the contrast between your scientific/engineering bent and his nature. You are so careful and precise and he paints in broad strokes.

  2. Actually, I have fun with him unless I do “the bad thing” and have to apologize. As per the cartoon story… but I don’t think it will ever ameliorate/ Some people I win over in time, but don’t think it will happen so I try to stay out of his way and not over visit his blog.

    Too bad…cause I do think we play off each other well if he will play…..

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