Playing Chicken

Looks like the market and the Fed are playing chicken. Will the Fed lower interest rates? Most hope yes, but many are thinking no. I don’t know, but I’m for holding steady in investments in the market. I read some info on bonds, which investors flee to when stocks go sour that indicates that not being the best way to go. That was the advice on last nights Financial Report @ PBS.

It is my guess that the Fed will do something more than inject funds, but there won’t be much indication til they finally act. that is just my gut speaking here- I have no real knowledge in this and am a financial greenhorn. So this is not advice. I am bold to speak my opinion simply on the basis that the experts seem non-plussed, and there are wildly differing ideas on where this is going. We have seen a doozy of a correction, however haven’t we?

I like to read MaxedOutMama‘s commentary and follow her suggested links. she writes like a house on fire when there is financial goings on like we’ve seen this past year. And no wonder, she works in the financial sector ( but not as a stockbroker). So that makes her opinions worth time and attention ( unlike my gut feelings 🙂

UPDATE: The Fed blinked.