Poem:: A Warrior’s Search

A Warrior’s Search

There was time when my heart would fall at your feet
for the cause of your beauty
When my feet would take the road
to be near ‘ere you should go

There was a time when my breast would beat fiercely
from the sweat of battle for your honour
When life itself was filled with wonder
and all joy was experienced in sharing it

But you are not the first object of my desire
I have drank from the cup of love before
My world was true against the evil of loneliness
purpose and honour where set in stone

Alas, how many castles will truly stand forever
mine did fall to strife and avarice
The embattlements swarmed by the devil incarnate
my sword faltered with my last breath

The next morn, this soldier did rise from the field
scorches and scars mine only trophies
Damaged the worst though, was my young heart
filled with sorrow, hate, and vengeance

A lone warrior left only with his only dream, Valhalla
death was better than this fate
Wandering the roads with cynical wisdom
wary were strangers of my eyes

Many were the battles, victorious and not
there was no glory to be found
Learning did come to me, as I also gave it out
and found the truths of the world

By chance, I did meet with my kind
we found our pitious common bond
Shared with drink by firelight were our stories
to discover we were not alone

Now this soldier may stand solitarily
but with pride in his chest
Because he became himself, the warrior of truth
scars healed but displayed for the world

If you desire this heart, you must fight
not against me, but by my side
As much for your own heart as for mine
to defend the beauty that is life

My heart is no longer ruled by the pretty and charming
it cannot be fooled by trinkets
My soul craves the companionship of a trueheart
and will settle for no less

So look within your heart, deep inside your soul
for what you cannot hide from yourself
If that heartbeat can go strong in the face of evil
and with love beat it back

Then we shall fight at each others backs
for the cause we both share
And the castle we shall build together will be strong
never to be taken by a falsehood

~~~Bartz Johnson

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  1. Thanks once again for having posted this so many years ago. Despite my best efforts, I once again lost my digital copy of this. Thanks to you, I can share it once again as I am doing a poetry reading tomorrow. I was so pleased to not only find it again, but to find it as timeless as I meant it to be.

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