a repost from 08/04/04 just checking to see how much things change

Ocean Guy is an interesting read. One of his posts comments on one reason for an exodus from the Democratic party, Extremism.

I don’t have lots to comment, personally, except that I mulled over whether this is similar to my own shift towards the conservative politics of the Republicans through the years. I maintain Independent status, and really wish the Democrats would give me something worthwhile to vote for, but they don’t.

For the same reason I exited the politics of the Moratorium movement, Ocean Guy describes why some are moving away from the Democrats: screaming militancy is just not in line with rational desires to see a better world.

I am not right wing for the same reasons.

This reminds me of a news item I read recently concerning Anarchists. It was funny in a way. There seems to be a schism in their groups due to the fact that some hate the idea of Bush as president so much that they are willing to sacrifice their basic beliefs that there should be no support for anything governmental….. some of them are going to vote.

GASP. Think of that. Militancy often leads to the compromise of ones moral-ethics base. Get one over on the other guy no matter what it takes or what you lose.

Another reason to eschew it. It lives to swallow you. Think about that when you next want to get on your high horse and ride roughshod.

What am I for? I am all for principles, integrity, and moderation. The more I can discern that…. the more they have my vote.