Proof of Intelligent Discussion

I read the opinion from several bloggers, most notably SC&A, that there is little real discussion on the Schiavo case. Or something to that effect. I feel that those who think that way are frustrated with the present tense on the subject. I sympathize.

Anyway, I thought I would pass on this post and the numerous trackbacks to prove that there is real debate on the morality and analyzation of the issues in the Terri Schiavo case. And for those who can’t see what the big deal is, some insights into why this is worth the intense focus it has been given. Terry Schiavo, Congress, and First Principles

Also, unfortunately from my view, the “culture of life” phrase gets used again. I guess there are buzz words that just get into the mainstream and then everyone has to use them. Me included.

“Terry Schiavo, Congress, and First Principles” is definitely worth your reading time.