Putting It Together

notes from the front lines: It’s a War, Folks
is Theophilus’ post along the same lines as my “In Defense of Mercy”, with some of the same concerns.

He also has a post on Greg’s, What Attitude Problem, Jesus Freak reminiscence.

I had written an email on that-but the prog ate it, so I will put it together for everyone here. Greg had written to me that the Jesus Movement of the late sixties and early seventies had served its purpose in time ( that was the gist), and that is true… it isn’t a matter of looking back at the “good old days”. I don’t think the Christian experience ever is…. but one thing that I did appreciate and want back is the openness to God and to other people, the expectations and looking forward to what God can do for individual people and for society. I really want that back.

Today’s moves toward militancy concern me. Hardline policy is not part of Christianity, steadfastness is, and there is a huge difference in carrying out the goals of each, It is the difference between Christ and Machiavelli.

Think on that for a few minutes.