Quick Overview of the World

This is to touch on points observed from today, with a tongue in cheek title that says what we bloggers are trying to do every day….

The list:

  • I read the Thomas Friedman opinion article for today,”Giving the Hatemongers No Place to Hide”. It concerned me because buried in the middle was much the same language that the Canadian Broadcast expressed in clamping down on religious freedom of speech. All because of the fear of Islam. Coupled with the favored “equal treatment” ideals. Which starts to equate some Jewish graffitti, “Jewish settler extremists who wrote ‘Muhammad Is a Pig’ on buildings in Gaza” , with the more directed propaganda that promotes “annihilation ” of the Jews. My contention is with the relativity of such morality- because there are no lines on principle, there is one big catch-all for all such speech. And a lot less real freedom for everyone. This is a problem.
  • Next. Then there are the distant drums of resurrecting the draft.

    All Quiet on the Home Front, and Some Soldiers Ask Why

    By THOM SHANKER, The New York Times

    WASHINGTON – The Bush administration’s rallying call that America is a nation at war is increasingly ringing hollow to men and women in uniform, who argue in frustration that America is not a nation at war, but a nation with only its military at war.

    I have felt that the result of feminist activism which has led to women on the front lines is a great mistake. That is my mildest way to state it. I cannot imagine what this would mean for our society, and it is an unspoken concern I have held since the first Gulf War. it isn’t a matter of what the American public can stomach- as the issue is so often phrased. It is a matter of what the fabric of society can endure before it unravels.

  • the sermon today was on healing as the broad topic, but the details were interesting: that we have developed a superstar culture in the church, springing directly from our cultures favored emphasis on expertise and professionalism….

Those are today’s fragments