I collect words and wisdom, this is some of either/or and both.

But what goes by postmodern these days is deeply committed to the structures (and police forces) of modernity.
~ Douglas Wilson

“It would be easy to attack the ‘fortress’ of the Christian case on many, many small-medium points, BUT TO CONSTRUCT AN ALTERNATIVE SYSTEM that would be able to withstand the same caliber of intellectual examination on as many fronts, I put well beyond the practical realm of feasibility.” ~Glenn M. Miller

“We shall never come to kingdom righteousness so long as our need is the predicate of our lives, the hub and pivot around which all things turn. We will never come to sanity and wholeness, nor will we ever come to the end of all our deliverance and inner-healing ministries so long as our real sickness is our self-centeredness.”Art Katz, ‘Israel and the Powers’

The curmudgeon is ever bothered by poppycock, humbug, bovine excrement, and every form of lies or intellectually lazy communication or inauthentic living. Curmudgeons have little tolerance for trendiness, cliches, or fashionable nonsense. Although they may be old and jaded, their hero is the little boy in the fable who said, “The emperor has no clothes.” Indeed, curmudgeons denude pretense and prevarication for the sake of truth. That is the aim, the goal, the ideal—however inadequately realized. The curmudgeon himself needs to be corrected by fellow curmudgeons.

The curmudgeon is constructive in that half-truths, bovine excrement, fashionable nonsense, unfashionable nonsense, and other offenses to the Good, the True, and the Beautiful need to be exposed so that the light may dawn and reality be revealed. Reality denudes us all in the end, no matter how much we hate it. The curmudgeon tries to love reality, deep reality—whatever the cost. She or he encourages others to love reality as well, come what may.” -The Constructive Curmudgeon,Douglas Groothuis

“Good theology is not formulated by counting heads.” -Kevin Giles

Storms teach us a lot, but first we must weather them.

here I am, living happily ever after with a man who has ugly feet and a heart of beauty

No one would be happier than me to stop having Britney posts on this page, but her entire life is like the punch line to a Jeff Foxworthy joke

those of real influence and spiritual maturity don’t need to be trying to prove themselves all the time and can be such an ease to be around.

I’m a Calvinist – sort of – which means people hate me.

A race to the bottom eventually gets there.

Theology is the practice of getting to know God. In that sense, everyone is a theologian.

Art and thinking and all the Important Stuff is WAY too important to be left to the increasingly small number of people who are getting paid to do it.


Kiss him -he’s Irish (Where I’m From Poet)

It appears that mothers are constantly getting told that they�re doing something wrong, especially by other mothers. The term for this is a �mother drive-by.�

A hangover. Not even from debauchery! A hangover from intestinal hell. A hangover is just the after-effect of dehydration, you know. And this morning I was but a dried husk of the woman I’d once been, prior to meeting The Bad Sandwich.

If you’re going to tell people the truth, you better make them laugh; otherwise they’ll kill you. – George Bernard Shaw
I’ll be laughing. Mirthlessly, perhaps, but you never know.
idea hamster noun. A person with a creative, inventive mind who is constantly churning out new ideas.
the reduction of reality to one or more of its aspects after absolutizing that aspect to a level of “ultimate meaning”.
after his long fast, the toad has a very spiritual look, like a strict Anglo-Catholic towards the end of Lent
I didn’t say it was your fault. I said I was going to blame you.
Also, it would be in your best interest to not refer to the sitting judge as “Caligula.”
A good book is like a breeze at the window, stirring the curtains. Did you forget, my son, that you are alive,
and the world is beautiful?

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