Reading Gagdad Bob

Gagdad Bob is hard for me to understand, arresting with a good delivery of truth, but still takes me time to get through his style of prose to understand what he is saying. Don’t let that stop you from reading one of the very best explanations I have found for why the Western system of freedom and democratic government is based quite squarely within and derived from the Protestant form of Christian beliefs. In Cosmopathology and the Descent of the Left, Bob makes sense of the nonsensical fact that the Left aligns itself self-destructively with Islamo-fascism. And further how it can choose causes which so evidently destroy true freedom, while needing and purportedly cherishing that freedom.

One of the reasons his post is so effective is because he comes from a completely different direction than our accustomed style of thinking. Breaks through the reinforced strongholds of our usual opinion-formed arguments.