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What I’m reading:

The Trinity & Subordinationism: The Doctrine of God and the Contemporary Gender Debate

This book is one I was directed to by my Pastor when I spoke with him about the series of posts I am trying to write @ Intellectuelle. It’s not a quick read, but very worthwhile with the idea that debate of the theological views of the Trinity and that of the gender debate are related. I’ve been learning alot about Church history- certainly in a deeper way than before, and picking up some of the vernacular in the debate. I am not far into the book yet, but it will get a review once I’m finished. I don’t make a practice of writing notes in notebooks while I read, but I’m doing that with this one. The style is not difficult to read and I have gleaned a quote from some footnotes for my quotes page so far. Pithy little saying: “Good theology is not formulated by counting heads.”

Primal Branding: Create Zealots for Your Brand, Your Company, And Your Future

I have an interest in the concept of “branding” partially because of the blog, but also because I think we are influenced far more by marketing practices than we are aware. I have mostly finished this book…. some Christians might not like the ideas because they are too ego-centric and because the author tends to use religious language about some very non-religious endeavors. I think it is useful for parsing out the patterns of what makes us gravitate toward something in our society, and what elicits our affections and loyalty. Once I finish this book I will probably try to collate the most useful ideas in a list of helpful hints for blogging or something like that.

What I’ve been watching:

An Unfinished Life A relatively unknown movie- too bad, because it is full of great actors and good acting. I like the way this was done, the whole tone is smooth and calm, but not boring. It’s theme is forgiveness, how necessary that is and how difficult a task that can be when suffering true losses. Worthwhile for watching more than once, this is the type of movie that grows on you. and hey! Morgan Freeman is always a treat.

The Phantom of the Opera (Special Edition) [HD DVD]

I liked it in spite of myself, I had never seen it although it’s been around a long time. Weird, but dripping with themes of good and evil, pity and revulsion, and how the bad guy messes things up for himself. Not unlike some real life situations. Very Goth in style, and that theme music is one of those haunting “please get it out of my head” types of melody. Fitting.

What I’ve been listening to:
Created to Worship I love Rita Springer and this is one of those albums that causes you to soar on wings of worship. I bought it when I heard her speak; she shared how there was some confusion of how to market her music because her demographic ends up prostrate in worship on the floor. That is what kind of music she has been given the gift of producing- and that is the kind of music I love.