Resolutions Are Better Late Than Never

Make art… not … other stuff!

Maybe being late is just plain better when it comes to making resolutions, to give the brain time to handle the overload of a need for focused willpower ( Why 88% of resolutions fail ).

That is one way to rationalize procrastination. I have come to include a few resolutions for 2013, the first of which is to start implementing them on February 1st. More delay, I know, but I have learned a few things about being successful with the resolutions that I want to try.

  • The newest resolution is to take 15 minutes at the start of my day to do Meditation. I think I will choose a book of the Bible each month from which to extract key passages. Then start the meditation with centering on that verse, or passage.
  • Then (these are in the order of importance to me) will come the resolutions centering around physical health. This year I want a regular exercise program that I stick with. Blogging about the plan, and the results.
  • For years I had “creating art” in the resolution list. Last year, I made baby steps. I drew a few things and set up my studio. This year I sweep away the stultifying barriers of preconceptions about art and low confidence in my present abilities. This year, I make hard copy art. To finish one piece a month is a starting place, that won’t overburden my frontal cortex!

So far, that is my list of purposeful intentions, resolutions which have specific plans of action and a focal point goal.